African Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE) is an umbrella organization for African diaspora in Europe whose primary objective is to assist members (Organizations/Associations, Enterprises, individuals) to engage with policy makers on issues of common interest to Europe and Africa. ADNE has become a recognized interlocutor of the European Union, African Union, African Countries, African Embassies, ACP Group, Governmental agencies and International organizations. 

ADNE was created to support African Union (AU) and European Union's efforts to promote the  utilization  of  African Diaspora  expertise  on  economic  development of Africa and Europe. African Union, in its protocol on the amendment to the Constitutive Act of 2003, recognizes the Diaspora as the ‘sixth region’ of Africa. ADNE strives to mainstream the Diaspora participation in the African Union and EU agenda such as the AU’s Agenda 2063 and Africa-EU Migration, Mobility and Employment (MME) Partnership.

ADNE initiated the consultation between the Diaspora and the European institutions including the European Parliament. ADNE was the only Diaspora organisation to contribute with a joint declaration of Members to the 2015 Valetta Summit on Migration. ADNE is a member of the Policy Forum on Development, a platform bringing together representatives of civil society organizations and local authorities from Europe and partner countries as well as representatives of European institutions and bodies. In partnership with the African Union and the European Union, ADNE initiated the celebration of the Global Diaspora Week  at the European level.

ADNE promotes integration of members of African Diaspora in the host countries and provides them with a platform for constructive dialogue, capacity building and knowledge sharing to empower and facilitate their endeavors for sustainable development of Africa. It encourages wider involvement of Africans in shaping the future of Africa and Europe. 

ADNE is committed to providing leadership and action on issues of integration and interculturalism, entrepreneurial and investment opportunities, employment, migration, environmental challenges and other pertinent socio-political and economic issues. It will continue to be the conduit for enhancing access of Africans to Political, Economic, Socio-cultural and Technological enablers for sustainable development. 

Within ADNE, we believe that Africa has a bright and prosperous future which will be propelled by a mutually beneficial partnership with the world; strategic regional integration that is vital to trade and investment - thus unleashing economic growth -, peace and security, democracy, strong, impartial and inclusive institutions that implement ambitious structural reforms to foster wider access to public services and ensure a fair and equitable distribution of the considerable resources of Africa.

ADNE is based in Brussels; headquarter of most of European Union institutions. Many international organizations and almost all countries have a diplomatic representation in Brussels. It is the de facto capital of the European Union and Belgium hosts a large number of African Diaspora members. In this respect, Belgium, European Union, African Union Permanent Mission, African Embassies and the ACP Secretariat are strategic partners privileged interlocutors for ADNE. ADNE aims  to build strong partnership with African Union and its Members States, the Regional Economic Communities, European Union and its Member States and other organisations that work on Development  and Economic cooperation.

Our vision

We posit that African development can be sustained only when there is ownership of initiatives by african countries and partnerships that are based on the principles of win-win, mutual respect, transparency and egalitarian ideals. Hence the development of Africa will be carried by africans from inside and outside the continent.


Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage and engage all Africans in the Diaspora in the building of a better future for the African continent.  ADNE is convinced that Africans have to take responsibility for their political and economic fortunes and as such we will provide the platform for innovative ideas with which to craft responsible policies for the sustainable development of Africa.

Our team is composed of experts residing in Europe with several years of professional experience in numerous fields of human endeavors and representing a wide variety of cultural backgrounds from different countries of Africa.

Who can be part  of ADNE?

Peoples of African descent who live in Europe, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality and who are willing to contribute to the development of Africa and economic growth in Europe and who respect the values of African Union, European Union and ADNE.