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For more humanity and solidarity in the management of the current migration crisis

ADNE Press Statement

Brussels 14th September 2015

On September 14th, 2015 a Summit of European Minister of "Justice and Home Affairs" on migration will be held in Brussels.

Europe is experiencing an unprecedented migration crisis. The EU Member States face the arrival of thousands of asylum seekers. They are men, women and children who are fleeing death, decapitation, rape, human trafficking and other serious violations of human rights. Thousands of people drowned at Europe's maritime borders. Recently, 70 people died abandoned in a truck on the highway in Austria.

ADNE is deeply concerned about the situation of refugees in several countries such as Hungary, Poland and Macedonia.

We welcome the efforts of the European Commission, and we recognize the statement by its President Jean-Claude Juncker, who recalled  the “human” duty to respect the right to asylum as fundamental right. We also welcome the adoption by the European Parliament of a resolution on the refugee crisis.

We welcome the efforts of countries such as Belgium and Germany that have taken the lead to ensure a worthy shelter to these refugees.

We condemn the xenophobic and racist declarations that continue to increase the misunderstanding of the current crisis which is far more different from other forms of migration that the European Union and its partners have to manage in a legal framework.


We emphasize that legal migration is an opportunity for Europe and Africa and that it could play an important role in the fight against illegal migration and the networks of smugglers and traffickers of human beings.


We recall that humanity has been always in movement and that migration has allowed Peoples to benefit from the experiences from different Nations. These human exchanges enrich the humanity and shape world.


We request to the European Union, the African Union and United Nations to strengthen international cooperation with regard to migration in order to create legal channels of migration and strengthen the integration of migrants.


There is a need to reinvigorate the Euro-African dialogue on migration and mobility to allow the free movement of students and workers which is beneficial to all continents.