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General Assembly


The General Assembly is the plenary body of ADNE. It is composed of all full members. Each fully paid up member has one vote. Members associations / organizations appoint a representative to the General Assembly of ADNE. The General Assembly takes decisions by an absolute majority with the exception some cases determined by the Statutes of ADNE.


Administration Board

The Administration Board is the decision making body of ADNE. It is composed of the President, one or more Vice-Presidents and other trustees. Acting as a collegial body, the Administration Board determines strategic guidelines of ADNE’s activities and defines the conditions of implementation - by ADNE bodies- of the policy that is defined by the General Assembly.

Executive Board

The Executive is the management body of the association. It is responsible for the day-to-day management of the association and ensures its smooth functioning. The Executive Office is headed by the President of the association. It implements the decisions adopted by the general meetings and the Administration Board. The members of the Executive Board form the staff of ADNE.

Committee of Experts

The Committee of Experts is the advisory body of ADNE. It is composed of experts in various key areas of interest for the association. The members of the Committee of Experts are chosen from among the full members by the administration Board based on their competences in their respective fields. The Committee members regularly inform the association on developments in their respective fields and make recommendations of relevant publications for the general public. The Committee members coordinate the working groups established by the Administration Board to deal with a matter within their field.

Working groups

The Working Groups reflect the business areas in which the members are active in development cooperation, integration and interculturality. The working groups prepare the deliberations of the Administration Board for any matters related to their field of expertise. The working groups are privileged places for preparing the association’s policy positions, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences and also forum for the involvement of all members in the activities of the association.

 Board of Distinguished Members

The board of Distinguished Members is the supporting body of ADNE. It is composed of Honorary members of the assiciation.