Christella Musaninyange

Christella Musaninyange


Expert (Public Health),

French of Burundian origin, Christella Musaninyange is a medical doctor. Since 2012, she worked and works as an emergency practitioner in different hospitals in the Paris region (CHI Meulan- les Mureaux, CHI Vernon, CHI Poissy-St Germain).

After a Doctorate in general Medicine from the University of Algiers, Christella  followed a medical training  in France and got the emergency medical capacity.

Christella is recognized by his colleagues and friends for her tenacity, courage and speedy integration ability. Thanks to these abilities, she realized a long and difficult background within the French medical system through various training, internships, contests and the inter university diplomas. A real fighter, she managed to establish herself as an indispensable person in such a demanding field.

Aware of the needs of Africa in health sector; she is currently working on projects aimed at developing health system in Africa mainly in Burundi. Within the ADNE, Christella is responsible of following-up developments in the field of health and suggesting policy recommendations for strengthening health systems in Africa.