Christian Sebanyambo

Christian Sebanyambo


Expert ( Architect),

Christian Sebanyambo is a Belgian of Rwandan origin. He is an architect and holds degree in Architecture from the institut supérieur d’arts et d’architecture de Saint Luc in Brussels.

He worked with different Architectural firms in Belgium and Rwanda such as ASSAR architects, architects Id.Cité, the Ecorenov company (Belgium) and Urban Substainability for Rwanda Ltd.

Alongside his professional commitments, Mr. Sebanyambo is member of the Belgian Liberal political party, MR (Mouvement Reformateur), for which he was a candidate in municipal elections in 2012. It is also part of this party’s committee in  his city (Molenbeek St Jean).

Mr. Sebanyambo is also an active member of the Rwandan Diaspora in Belgium. He speaks French and Kinyarwanda and has knowledge of Dutch and English.

Mr. Sebanyambo practice athletics and karate and is passionate about African art, history and reading.

Within the ADNE, he is member of the group responsible for monitoring developments in the field of Urban and sustainable Infrastructure and drafting policy recommendations in this area.