Malika Madi

Malika Madi




Expert (Women and youth Empowerment),

Malika Madi is a Belgian novelist of Algerian descent living in La Louvière, Belgium.As a child, she discovered her passion for writing French. She wrote short stories before writing her first novel. When she finished her studies (she graduated in management), she married and had a child. In 2005 she published her first novel, Nuit d'encre pour Farah, which won the Best First work of the French Community of Belgium and named for the Prix des Lycéens (Belgium) in 2007.

Madi wrote a second book, "Les silences de Médéa" (Labor, 2007, Luc Pire 2006) which is currently being adapted to film. In 2008, she coauthored a book with Hassan Bousetta which addresses the issue of racism and prejudice, Je ne suis pas raciste mais...

She is still writing and runs youth writing workshops and lectures in libraries of the French Community. She has also visited school classes as part of the "Ecrivain en classe" project of the Service de la Promotion des Lettres.