As part of the Global Diaspora Week (October, 11-17, 2015), ADNE is committed to raising public awareness of the important role of diaspora in the development of the countries of origin and in the economy of host countries.

The Diaspora is indeed a force to be reckoned. The transfer of funds and knowledge from diaspora accelerates the development of the countries of origin. Diaspora remittances account for more than three times the Official Development Assistance (ODA).

According to a study from the International Organization for Migration, over 40% of migrants have a higher level of education than those from host countries.  And according to the OECD report of 2014, every migrant contributes on average 3,500 euros in tax revenue per year. In addition, it is shown that over 80% of skilled migrants return to their home countries and become real development actors. 

 Our Senior Adviser Mamadou Alpha Diallo stated reiterated that “in Senegal, the remittances from diaspora are estimated at two billion USD/ year. This represents 10.4% of the GDP.”

The diaspora’s dual background plays a significant role in understanding the development issues. It facilitates cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between the different nations.

“The history of civilizations is also the history of migration. Humans have always been moving and migration has shaped the world we know today. It allows people to benefit from the vast experiences of different nations. The stigma of migration is a denial of this rich history of mankind.”

 Marie Chantal Uwitonze, President of ADNE

ADNE urges all international actors to take into account the important contribution of diaspora in the positive evolution of the world. There is need for integration policies that guarantee a real autonomy to the members of the diaspora. ADNE calls on all stakeholders to encourage greater involvement of African diaspora in building the future of Africa and Europe. It is important to guarantee the wider access of Africans to Political, Economic, Socio-cultural and Technological enablers for sustainable development.

ADNE welcomes the messages of support sent to the Diaspora at the occasion of the Global Diaspora Week (GDW2015) in particular that of MEP Louis Michel and John Kerry, US Secretary of State.This political support creates an avenue that brings the voice of diaspora to the international fora what is beneficial to both origin and destination countries.

I particularly would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of the diaspora communities towards their relatives back home. These links should be facilitated and developed. Diasporas are both suitable representatives and interlocutors of their home countries but also initiators of development projects. A better representation of the interests of diaspora organizations at European level would tighten the links between Europe and Africa. When the stakes engage the ethical conception of the common good, it is important to remember that humanism and freedom are never satisfied and that these superior virtues of human greatness have as space the infinite horizon of the universe.”

Louis Michel, MEP and Co-Chair of ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly.

“Our diversity is strength, not a weakness. And in today’s interconnected world, it is also a strategic imperative. This era requires much more nimble institutions, more agile foreign policy. And part of that agility comes from engaging diaspora communities.”

John Kerry, US Secretary of State

ADNE is committed to provide a platform for dialogue and exchange of views between the Diaspora and Policy makers and ensure the establishment of necessary frameworks in order to allow the diaspora to have impact in both countries of origin and host countries.