World Day of Social Justice 2016 #WDSJ

On the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice 2016, ADNE recalls the importance of ensuring equal access to justice to all citizens mainly in Africa. Guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of individuals is one of the key challenges in the developing countries.

ADNE welcomes the emphasis given to this topic; it is an important investment towards greater awareness rising. The lack of social justice hinders all development efforts as it intensifies inequalities, discrimination and all kinds of exclusion. It is important that all leaders at all levels strengthen efforts to ensure that all citizens have equal opportunities as they seek for a better future. 

In countries where people enjoy no justice, the vulnerable categories mainly youth, women and other minorities suffer from different forms of inequalities: unequal access to decent work, social protection, health coverage, education, culture, technology, wealth etc; national incomes are unfairly redistributed what provoke many conflicts.

"In the framework of the 2030 development agenda, it is imperative that all countries put in their top priorities the objectives of fostering more inclusive societies, building the State of Law and creating impartial institutions that guarantee social justice to all." 

ADNE echoes the message of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon:

"With exclusion and inequality on the rise, we must step up efforts to ensure that all people, without discrimination, are able to access opportunities to improve their lives and those of others."

Happy World Day of Social Justice 2016 #WDSJ