SheSolidarity Roundtable at the European Parliament

16/03/2016, 12h30-15h00

Hosted by MEP Louis MICHEL(ALDE), MEP Cécile Kyenge Kashetu (S&D) MEP Hilde Vautmanss (ALDE) and MEP Mariya Gabriel(EPP)

With the presence of Joanna Maycock, Secretary General of the European Women's Lobbyand Mrs. Isabelle Kibassa-Maliba, Member of the Parliament of Brabant Walloon




The international Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate achievements in gender equality while remembering the struggles that are still faced by Women. In this framework, African Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE) invites you to the Roundtable entitled: “SheSolidarity: Achieving Diaspora Women’s empowerment” to be held at the European Parliament on the 16th of March 2016 at 12h30-15h00.

The need to emphasize the role played by women in the diaspora is of great importance. The round table will discuss the necessary measures to promote the employment of Diaspora women and their integration into the labor market. The session will seek to address quite a few relevant and timely issues affecting women especially in the diaspora. 

"A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult." -- Melinda Gates

ADNE aim is to create the needed opportunity for Diaspora Women to discuss the role, opportunities and importance of women in the diaspora and the challenges they face together with influential women and policy makers from the EU, UN, NGO, Belgium and the Diaspora.

Join the SheSolidarity Round table to share your ideas and insights on the topics. Prepare your inputs and get ready to be part a very interactive brainstorming.

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Registration deadline: 11th of March, 2016

International Women's Day celebrates the emancipation of all of us, women and men. An empowered woman highly contributes to her community's well being and self-reliance; she raises well educated children and is a true architect of the society. As we celebrate achievements in gender equality, let don't forget the struggles that are still faced by Women. This year, ADNE's theme for the IWD is ‪#‎SheSolidarity‬. The struggle for Women's empowerment will not be won unless Women stand by each other. I believe that SheSolidarity is the way forward to step it up for Women Empowerment, the way forward to achieve Diaspora Women Integration and Empowerment."

Happy International Women’s Day!

Marie Chantal Uwitonze
ADNE President