In only 1 year of existence, ADNE has taken its place in the policy space, building relationships between the diaspora and the African Union, European Union, National authorities and international organizations. ADNE has established a good track record with regard to its mission of assisting African diaspora members to engage with policy makers and providing them with a platform for constructive dialogue, capacity building and knowledge sharing to empower and facilitate their endeavors for sustainable development of Africa.

 This article gives you an overview of some outstanding achievements.

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ADNE organized for the 1st time in Brussels, the Global Diaspora Week (GDW). The GDW is a week dedicated to diaspora communities and their contributions to global development. GDW is intended to create awareness, enable collaboration and enhance learning amongst those working with diaspora communities in different locations around the world.

The Opening Ceremony  followed by a Workshop on the Topic of “Leveraging Remittances and Diaspora Contributions towards Sustainable Development of Africa” was organised jointly by  ADNE and the Permanent Mission of the African Union (AU) to the European Union and Observer to the ACP Group of States.

The workshop had the objective of having a clear assessment of the current context in which the contribution of the diaspora, particularly remittances, can be leveraged for the development of Africa; share experiences on positive and customizable initiatives in the African continent;  and  identify innovative instruments of tapping diaspora financing potential. 

The workshop was attended by officials from various international and diaspora organisations, including: the Permanent Mission of the African Union (AU) to the European Union and Observer to the ACP Group of States, the African Embassies Group,  the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Belgian Ministry of Development Cooperation, the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Institute for Conflict Management, International Organisation for Migration (IOM), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Friends of Europe.

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Second Annual Conference on Digital Africa, Paris, 13 October 2016 


Jean-Rey International Prize Award Ceremony, Hélécine, 23 June 2016



European Development Days 2016

ADNE Sessions at the European Development Days: 



11  and 12 May 2016: Advocacy for the World Humanitarian Summit 2016 (Istanbul)

22 April 2016: African Diaspora Entrepreneurship Gala

16 March 2016: Celebration of the international Women’s Day: SheSolidarity Roundtable at the European Parliament

January 2016 ADNE Year Party  


2015 has marked a historic momentum for the African diaspora in Europe. ADNE has strengthened its position on several fronts and has quickly asserted itself as a major player in Development Cooperation and EU-Africa Partnership. 

2015 was a crucial year; a milestone year for development, it is the year in which key decisions with long-term impacts on the entire world were taken both at International and European Levels.

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